Sarah Armstrong

Sarah Armstrong is a customer service expert who is always ready to help subscribers make the most of their allNovaScotia service. The Guysborough native joined allNovaScotia in 2015. Sarah is also the business manager who oversees the business office.

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Carmen Vela

Carmen Vela moved to Canada in 2012 from her home country of Ecuador. As a recent St. Thomas University graduate, she joined allNovaScotia in 2017. Carmen draws on her communications background to help create successful advertising campaigns.

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Judy Myrden
Managing Editor

Judy, a Halifax native, is a senior business journalist with a strong knowledge of Nova Scotia's business community. Judy, the winner of two Atlantic Journalism Awards for business reporting, joined allNovaScotia in March 2011.

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Geoff Bird
Production Editor / Reporter

Geoff is responsible for the presentation of allNovaScotia. He also covers shipbuilding, breweries and military beats. A Halifax native, Geoff joined allNovaScotia in 2011.

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Janet Whitman
Investment Editor

Janet, a Pictou County native, returned to Nova Scotia after a decade of business reporting on Wall Street in New York for the National Post, the New York Post and Dow Jones. She joined allNovaScotia in 2012.

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David Bentley

David launched allNovaScotia in 2001 and continues to report and keep a watchful eye over all news coverage. He mentors allNovaScotia reporters and encourages them to strive for excellence in journalism. The seasoned newsman is an entrepreneur at heart and has launched several successful publications over his five decades in the news business.

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Rebecca Brown

Rebecca is a recent graduate of King’s College School of Journalism. The Niagara, Ontario native covers many aspects of business in Nova Scotia. Rebecca joined the team in 2016.

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Gillian Cormier
Regulatory Reporter

Gillian keeps an eagle eye on companies before the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board. She also covers the legal and medical professions. Her family roots are in Cape Breton and she joined allNovaScotia in 2005.

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Kevin Cox

Kevin is a United Church minister in Hants County and contributes a regular insider and stock columns, and a weekly look at the human side of business, Quo Vadis. He spent 25 years reporting for the Globe & Mail's Report on Business and was the managing editor of allNovaScotia from 2005 - 2011.

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Elaine Flaherty
Copy Editor

Elaine combs over stories with an editor's eye for detail at the end of each day. She's also an instructor at the University of King's College School of Journalism.

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Brian Flinn
Provincial Political Reporter

Brian is highly regarded for his integrity and his ability to analyze how politics integrates with business. Flinn, a Halifax native, has been with allNovaScotia since 2008.

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Amanda Fraser
Offshore Oil and Gas

Amanda tracks the players in the offshore oil and gas industry. The Dartmouth native also reports on the auto, transportation and aviation industries. She has been reporting at allNovaScotia since 2009.

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Amy Pugsley Fraser
City Hall Reporter

Amy has been covering the City Hall beat for over a decade with a steady voice and a focus on business-related issues. Amy, from Halifax, joined allNovaScotia in 2009.

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Eva Hoare
Law and Order, Health Reporter

Eva is a well-known journalist in the province, covering business, courts and legal matters for over 29 years. She joined allNovaScotia in 2015.

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Anthony Ring
Court Reporter

Anthony, raised in Truro, navigates the provincial justice system and compiles a daily report on lawsuits filed daily, along with weekly coverage of foreclosures. He also writes obituaries, with a focus on the province's business community. Anthony has been with allNovaScotia since 2004.

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Devin Stevens
IT Reporter

Devin is the resident information technology specialist and a good general news reporter with a knack for interviewing. The New Brunswick native joined allNovaScotia in 2011.

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Dan Walsh

Dan is the province's most knowledgeable reporter on mining. He also covers the province's ports and oil and gas industry. Walsh's roots are in Newfoundland and he joined allNovaScotia in 2010.

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Joan Westen
Copy Editor

Joan, a Halifax resident, draws on nearly 30 years of experience in print media to help create a polished product.

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Ben Wood

Ben is a chartered professional accountant and a native Haligonian. He sees what's going on behind the numbers and gives readers an insider's look at business in the province. He joined allNovaScotia in 2014.

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Courtney Zwicker

Courtney is a graduate of King's College School of Journalism and joined allNovaScotia in 2014. She hunts down the latest happenings in retail, the arts and the food and beverage industry.

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Caroline Wood

Caroline is an entrepreneur and a long-time journalist who oversees the allNovaScotia team. Raised in Sackville, Caroline launched allNovaScotia with father David Bentley in 2001.

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Bill Wood
Video Producer

Bill is a comedian and produces Bill Wood's Break Room, a look at the lighter side of business and politics. He joined allNovaScotia in 2006.

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St. John's Newsroom

Dan Arsenault
Managing Editor

Dan joined allNewfoundlandLabrador in 2016 and resides in St. John's. He is a Prince Edward Island native who spent 20 years reporting in Halifax for the Chronicle Herald, and also worked at the Edmonton Sun and Canadian Press.

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Bonnie Belec

Based in St. John’s, Bonnie Belec is an award winning journalist who joined allNewfoundlandLabrador in January. Bonnie has a deep understanding of the issues in the region after working with The Telegram Newspaper and freelancing with The Canadian Press. She brings with her almost 30 years of journalism experience in the areas of court and justice, health and municipal politics.

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Alex Bill

Based in St. John's, Alex Bill covers legal affairs, business and development in Newfoundland and Labrador for allNovaScotia. Alex is a lawyer and member of the Newfoundland and Labrador Bar, and before joining allNovaScotia in 2015 worked for a non-profit agency in the province.

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Samantha Long

Newfoundland-native Samantha is a graduate of Algonquin College's Journalism Program in Ottawa. Joining allNewfoundlandLabrador in 2015, Samantha is based on St. John's and covers retail, real estate, startups and City Hall.

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